The SEO Success Pyramid

The SEO Success Pyramid

Zero preparation equals zero success. Before anyone can win at anything, they must prepare. This has been proven time and time again throughout history. Olympians don’t win by talent alone, they have to train year round in order to win a race.

The same goes for SEO too. Search Engine Optimization success will not happen overnight. It’s a process. This article will discuss the SEO pyramid for success, in which we drew inspiration from the image from, an online resource for search engine optimization..

The best SEO companies will go through a process of review with their clients. They will discuss specifics of the project, and the process and strategies involved.

How do you get visitors to attract to your website like a magnet? We’ll examine the pyramid in ascending order:

5. Base of the Pyramid: Dedication, Planning, Quality Products, Persistence

This base essentially sets the foundation for long term success. Without these vitals, you’ll be building on sinking sand.

Next up:

4. Fourth Tier of  the Pyramid for SEO: Website Design, Analytics, Research Tools

Recently, we posted an article about the importance of design and its elements that lead to good conversion rates. A great web design is the skeleton for fitting all the pieces of the puzzle together. Prior to building the site, it’s important that web designers carry out research in order to implement the best keywords and tracking tools.

3. Third Tier of the SEO Pyramid: Search Indexing, Web Content, Back Links

Without keyword rich content and links, websites are invisible to search engines. Web developers should also ensure that the programming language is readable and compatible with search engine crawlers.

2. SEO Pyramid Second Tier: Social Media, Public Relations

Every website needs a publicist, which is a seo manager, and their media outlets are social media websites, which are used for targeting interested demographics.

1. The Pinnacle of the SEO Pyramid: Trust

“The glue that holds all relationships together — including the relationship between the leader and the led — is trust, and trust is based on integrity.” – Brian Tracy

Customers will only remain loyal if they think a business is dependable.

We’ve examined the seo pyramid for gaining online success through seo techniques. On this note, Austin Design Minds covers all the levels of this pyramid, from the ground up. From concept to creation, we can help any business succeed.


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