Mobile Website Development

A Mobile Website Will Allow Your Customers to Find…YOU, Your Products and Services.

Take your existing web application developments to us and we’ll make it compatible with iOs mobile platforms, to work with the latest smart phones and mobile devices. If you need a new mobile application built from the ground up, we can do that to.

Our Austin-based company does everything in-house, and this means that as opposed to most mobile development companies that send mobile application assignments offshore, you can trust us to deliver on-time and with the quality that meets the mobile industry’s standards. We offer the flexibility to tailor mobile apps based on your schedule and spending expense. Check out our mobile site portfolio to see examples of our work!

iOs Mobile Application Development

Following the genius of the iPhone, the next-generation iPad has both carved an entire industry for mobile application solutions. The way people entertain and educate  themselves can be carried out anywhere they want. The Apple iPhone and iPad have made it easy for anyone to amuse themselves with games, movies, videos and other forms of entertainment; users can connect and share on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and business professionals can  boost their output with business apps that are accessible while traveling.

We cater to several niches including companies who already work with a web-based app that they want to also use on their iPhone or iPad; in-house apps that are needed just for your company’s goals, or a brand new application you may  have in mind that you need to be built from scratch. We can fulfill your business’ needs for mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. All this while being  economically pleasing and within your project deadlines.

It should be noted that our mobile apps are only compatible with certain manufacturer smartphone brands. These include the following hand held devices:

  • iPhone
  • Android with Java-based applications

In addition, Object-C programming is the language used for all of our iOs mobile applications.

Mobile Application Categories:

  • Apps for Business
  • Apps for Fiscal Management
  • Apps for Projects and Productivity Apps
  • Apps for Fitness and Health
  • Apps for Entertainment
  • Apps for Learning
  • Apps for Networking and Communication
  • Apps for Coupons and Discounts
  • Apps for Navigation, Location and Geo-Targeting
  • Converting Online Apps to Mobile Apps